Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Happy Birthday to me!

Well, today I reached the big four-oh. Yep, it's my 40th birthday today. To celebrate, Jenny and I treated me to a shiny new 80GB Playstation 3, plus accessories (i.e., an additional SixAxis controller and the Bluetooth Blu-ray remote control).

I also got a bunch of movies on Blu-ray, a couple of movies on UMD (for my PSP), and the game Ridge Racer 7. I'm addicted to Ridge Racer on my PSP, so the latter should provide endless hours of entertainment! :-)


At 18/9/07 13:12, Blogger Ben said...

Happy Birthday Rich!!!

At 24/9/07 10:13, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy (very belated) Birthday! may you have many more.


At 27/9/07 11:38, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy *ahem* belated Birthday!!!


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