Monday, August 13, 2007

Why I hate watching movies on TV

I love watching movies, but I (as a rule) hate watching them on TV. Why? There are three reasons (in no particular order):

  • They're not shown in their original aspect ration (OAR), which means that I miss almost half the movie. To add insult to injury, many channels put up the disclaimer "This film has been reformatted to fit this TV". Well, the last time I checked, I had a widescreen TV, so reformatting the picture to 4:3 does nothing for me. I want to see the movie as the director originally intended. If that means I get some black bars, so be it.
  • Adult language is altered, or just dubbed out. If I'm watching an adult-orientated movie, I want to hear everything, OK? Hearing Samual L. Jackson calling people "Melon Farmers" just doesn't cut it for me! Worse, many channels put up warnings "This show contains scenes of violence and course language. Viewer discretion is advised", and still delete the swearing. Now, I think those warnings are great, because they let viewers know that they might not like the content. But having issued the warnings, the least the networks can do is show the movie sans dubs.
  • Adverts really get on my nerves. Not only do they interrupt the flow of the movie, the also mean that most films are edited for time. Fortunately, I watch most stuff in "time slip" mode (think Tivo), so the commercials are easily skipped.

    The above are the main reasons why I tend not to watch movies on TV, and have a reasonably large DVD collection. But I've more or less stopped buying DVDs now because I see a high definition player in my (hopefully not-too-distant) future. I'll expand on my reasons in another post, but for now, suffice it to say that I'll be getting a player.


    At 16/8/07 22:38, Blogger Eric said...

    Two other reasons quickly jump to mind, both related to commercials:

    - Stations which don't sync the volume level of the movie with everything else. One channel here wakes the dead each cut to commercial...

    - Stations with editors who appear to actually be scripts, inserting commercials every 10 minutes to the second. It really kills the mood to see Arnold do away with a terrorist only to hear his one-liner after 5 minutes of advertisements...


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