Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Saw Meat Loaf in concert last night

Last night (March 6), Jenny and I went to see Meat Loaf in our local concert arena, Skyreach Place. We were expecting a good show, butit was even better than we thought it'd be! Sure, he's gettin' on a bit (aren't we all?), but what a showman!

He performed for about two hours, singing numerous songs: old favourites as well as material from his latest album, Bat out of Hell III. He came back for not one, but two encores, doubtless to the chagrin of the impatient people who left after the main show or first encore. :-) The only (minor) complaint I had was that the sound mix wasn't that great. Meat Loaf's vocals were often lost in the mix.

It's the 3rd time we've been to Skyreach for a show: we've previously attended gigs by Bryan Adams and local comedian, Herb Dixon. We had a great time, though our throats and heads are a little worse for the wear!


At 8/3/07 03:45, Blogger Simon said...

1982 - We drove out to Margate after collage and ended up in a local pub playing pool and listening to Meatloaf on the jukebox.

Then the "locals" turned up and turfed us off the pool table.

We put about 3-quid in the Jukebox and selected "Bat out of hell" to play 6 times in a row, then left just as the opening bars began to play...


Good to hear from you m8. Look forward to seeing you soon.

At 8/3/07 06:27, Blogger Phillip Fayers said...

I saw him in the UK a few years back. Ealier in the tour he'd had to end a concert about 1 1/2 hours in because he was unwell. The venue wanted to send everyone home and keep the ticket receipts as he'd done more than half the show. Meatloaf refused and gave everyone free tickets for a rerun at the same venue later in the year. A showman indeed.


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