Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Farewell, ARA...

I've just read in the latest issue of TAS about the passing of SME's founder, Alistair Robertson-Aikman (fondly abbreviated to ARA by his friends and colleagues). Although I never met him, I did have the pleasure of receiving a letter from him (personally signed, no less).

SME is a manufacturer of high end turntables and tonearms. If I had the money, top on my audition list for turntables to replace my Forsell Air Force One Signature is the SME Model 30/2. I once had the privilege of owning an SME Series V tonearm, mounted on my Roksan Xerxes (the turntable I had before the Forsell). The Series V is a beautiful piece of engineering, and still highly recommended.

Farewell, ARA, and I hope that the operas are fantastic where you are...


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