Sunday, July 29, 2007

New article published

My latest article, User Authentication on the Solaris OS, was recently published on Sun Developer Network. It's the first in a short series of articles I'm writing on this subject. Give it a read!

Sysadmin stuff

Well, it's been aeons since I last updated my blog, and a lot has happened (most of which probably isn't of interest to you, gentle reader). Friday July 27 was Sysadmin day, so hello fellow admins everywhere!

I received my August copy of Sysadmin Magazine a few days ago, and I wondered why it felt a bit thinner than usual. The answer was to be found in Amber's editorial: Sysadmin Mag has ceased to be. It is bereft of life, it's pushing up the daisies. It is an ex-magazine! I'll miss it--I've been reading Sysadmin for years, and I've even had an article or two published in it.