Monday, August 23, 2010

OpenSolaris: RIP

I've just finished participating in the last ever (in its current guise, anyway) OpenSolaris Governing Board (OGB) conference call. Due to Oracle's (arguably) criminal neglect of the OpenSolaris community and continued ignorance of requests for a conversation with the OGB, the latter felt that they had no option but to resign en masse, handing control of the community back to Oracle. I thought it ironically appropriate that I was wearing my "Pilot Member" limited edition OpenSolaris T-shirt for the call.

I'd like to thank everyone who's made contributions to OpenSolaris the past few years, especially those working tirelessly behind the scenes. Way to go guys; it's been a fun ride and I'm sad it's over.

And a big thanks to Oracle for screwing up what could have been the best open source collaberation on the planet.

OpenSolaris: June 14th, 2005 - August 23rd, 2010. RIP.


At 23/8/10 11:00, Blogger Gabriele Bulfon said...

I am always amazed when I find (ex) Sun lovers always linked to music, some way.
Sun products always had some music in them (swing, duke are just two examples).
I was lucky enough to be able to play some live jazz in Sun's SecondLife club online, and at Sun's last worldwide internal meeting, again in SecondLife. And the people there (Sun people) were always amazingly musical.
This musical link is broken.
I suspect the new hat (Mr. Larry) doesn't even have a clue about music...


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