Tuesday, March 27, 2007

OGB Election results are in!

For the last couple of weeks, the community has been voting on two important issues:
  1. The ratification of the OpenSolaris Constitution; and
  2. The members of the new OpenSolaris Governing Board (OGB).
There are 268 Core Contributors which means that we needed at least 135 affirmative votes to ratify the constitution. I'm very happy to say that we received a thumbs up from 145 people, so the Constitution is officially ratified—hurrah!

As for the OGB elections, there were 18 candidates running for 7 seats. Even though the voting finished at 24:00 Pacific yesterday (Monday March 26), the results are already in. With no further ado, the members of the 2007-2008 OGB (in alphabetical order) are:
  • James Carlson
  • Alan Coopersmith
  • Casper Dik
  • Glynn Foster
  • Stephen Lau
  • Rich Teer
  • Keith Wesolowski
Many congrats to all, and note that I seem to have the somewhat dubious honour of being the only non-Sun employee on the OGB...! :-)

More seriously, I'd like to thank everyone who took the time to vote in this important poll, especially those who voted for me. I'll do my best to live up to the task to which I've been elected.


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Hey, congrats! I'm glad you made it in.



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