Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Some Summer fun

I watch Canada's Space channel quite often, for shows like Star Trek Enterprise, Voyager, Hex, and so on. There's usually a few minutes to fill between shows, so they show a feature. Sometimes that feature is a short cartoon, called Petey and Jaydee go Exploring. Petey and Jaydee are a pair of miniature aliens that take great delight in the mishaps that happen to each other as they explore common household artifacts. One of them invariably ends up getting made into soup ("The Blender"), chopped up ("The Binding Machine") on incinerated into ashes ("The Stove Top").

(Incidentally, Petey and Jaydee have, at least to my eye, a passing resemblence to Sun's V-Force droids from a few years ago.)

It's sick, but immensely funny to my warped sense of humour. Check 'em out, and enjoy!


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