Friday, June 02, 2006

My little boy, Judge, has passed away

This is the saddest piece of news I'll probably ever have to impart: at 17:15 Pacific time on Thursday, June 1st, 2006, my little boy, Judge, passed away. He was my best friend, my constant companion, and my canine child; he passed away in my arms, while the vet did what he had to do.

Here's a photo of Judge, in our garden with his favourite toy:

Judge Teer, February 1991 - June 2006

I wrote a poem about Judge; it's not very good but here it is anyway:

My Best Friend
An Ode to Judge

by Rich Teer

My best friend is very special
He gives me all and asks for nothing
Except fresh water and a bowl of food
(And treats by the score if the truth be told)

My best friend lay by my side
During the long months I spent stuck inside
Down in the basement, writing my book
He'd melt your heart with just one look

My best friend used to run and play,
But now he just sleeps most of the day
Twitching and dreaming on his mat
I wonder if he ever caught that cat?

My best friend has big brown eyes
That twinkle like stars in velvet skies
With a fearsome bark and fluffy tail
His favourite songs made him wail

My best friend (his name is Judge)
Needs me for all, but I bear him no grudge
He gave me his love unconditionally,
Do I need to say he got the same from me?

My best friend has passed away
The house is cold and empty today
No more barking, no playing with toy
No more hugs with my little boy

When it comes for my time to end,
At last I'll be rejoining
My best friend

Rest in peace, little boy...


At 2/6/06 14:42, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Rich. Judge was amazing.


At 2/6/06 15:40, Anonymous timf said...

Sorry to hear it Rich. I didn't know Judge, but I've lost a dog I really cared for too, I can appreciate what it must be like for you.

At 2/6/06 16:07, Anonymous David Comay said...

I'm very sorry to hear about the
passing of Judge, Rich. I can tell he
was an exceptional friend.

At 2/6/06 18:21, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rich: I am so sorry to hear about Judge. As a fellow animal lover I can appreciate how hard this time is for you.

terri molini

At 2/6/06 21:32, Anonymous Paul Greidnaus said...

Sorry to hear that Rich, I know how you feel, the same thing happened to my best girl Ice just over a year ago.


At 3/6/06 07:28, Anonymous ux-admin said...

What can I say... I read this and it made me so sad I started crying.

I know exactly what you're going trough right now.
I've no animals any more because I couldn't bear to go through something like that again.

I'm deeply sorry Rich. Hang in there buddy.

At 7/6/06 07:44, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My sincere condolances as well, Rich. When we lost our family dog back in 1982, he had been around for two thirds of my life. It's a very hard thing to go through; I haven't had a pet since.


At 8/6/06 15:06, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear that, Rich. There's never a truer friend than a K9.


At 9/6/06 04:31, Anonymous Dave Littell said...


I'm terribly sorry for your loss. Dogs really are special, and special dogs even moreso. I think it's true that dogs are better people than most people...and you had a great one.

Be happy for the good times and be thankful Judge didn't end up like so many abandoned, neglected, and abused animals.

Be well,


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