Wednesday, June 28, 2006

All that's new isn't always good (or bad)

Despite my habit of upgrading to recent releases of , namely, Solaris Express Community Release (SXCR), I'm one of those people that doesn't like too much change in the technical lives. This has become more true recently, as I've been beavering away on a little business idea, which is close to fruition: I've been much too busy to play with new toys.

That said, I'm installing a new server for my wife's employer--a Sun machine (specifically, an X2100) of course!--so I took the opportunity to to get myself a new UNIX layout Type 7 keyboard. My current keyboard of choice is Sun's UNIX layout Type 5c, and my opinion of it's replacement, the Type 6, is no secret: it's a piece of junk, unworthy of the Sun logo. I'd heard some good things about the Type 7, so I though I'd check it out. My first thoughts are that it's better than the Type 6, but not as good as the Type 5.

The current SXCR also includes GNOME 2.14.1. It too is an improvement over the current 2.6-based JDSv3, but still isn't as friendly to us CDE types as I'd like. I htink I need to play with it more before I come to a final conclusion though.

I really didn't like the login screen background of S10 (the wavey S), and until recently SXCR came with a nice teal blue background. Very nice. Well, the background image has been updated again, and I have to say: I like it! It looks like a combination of the previous two iterations, and (to my untrained eye) it works.

Finally, I'm glad that Solaris 10 6/06 (AKA Update 2) is finally out: I have a couple of servers that are desprately awaiting a supported, ZFS enabled OS! Installation will have to wait a week or so, though, as we have family visiting from the UK, and we're off to the Rockies on Friday for a driving tour. No phone, and (more importantly) no Net access; how will I cope?! :-)


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